Clubs & Student Organizations


Club Name Description Room Teacher
6th Grade Pep Squad Got school spirit? Come learn about and participate in cheerleading. This is for 6th graders. Fish Bowl Koushan
Art Club Come and learn different art techniques. A111 Martin, Je.
Baking Club Come practice your baking skills A106 Jenson
Band Practice and Pass Off Time for current band students Band Hall Paxton & Tenant
Board Games Club You won't be bored in Board Games Club! Come play a variety of board games like Survive and Munchkin and card games like Magic the Gathering and Superfight B209 Snow
Card Game Club Come and play cards or make up your own your card games with other Wildcats! C204 Kennedy
Challenge Lab for DI Creative problem solving for DI teams C100 Moss
Christian Book Club Enjoy and discuss Christian authors such as Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury. B203 Martinez
Cinema Synthesis Let's discuss our favorite books that have been adapted into movies and decide which is better...the book or the movie. C109 Darnell
Communirosity Wildcats changing the community through tiny tokens of love and generosity! C107 Stephan
Creative Writing No rules! Just writing! Scenarios, poetry, short stories, scripts, and recipes.
Bring a writing journal!
C103 Miller
Digital Photo Scrapbooking Love taking pictures? Come learn how to record important events (photos) in a digital scrapbook. A202 Beard
DIY Pinterest Club Set your crafty-self free in this club! B205 Hill
Drone Club Build and fly FlyBrix drones. C104 McClure
FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes-We will work our way through devotions and learn how to demonstrate good character while enjoying our own sports. Hub Burks & Umphenour
Garden Club Learn about gardening A200 Droege
God is Greater Club Bible study and discussion A204 Hofstad
Hair and Makeup Learn new hairstyles on YouTube and makeup application tips C106 Mooney
Harry Potter Fan Club Talk about everything Harry Potter A207 Cooper
Homework/Reading Club This club offers a quiet space for you to either read or work on homework. Relax knowing you will get your work done before going home. D126 GCS Pettijohn & Fuller
Improv Club Love performing Improv Comedy? Come take the stage and work on your improv skills. Students must be willing to perform. No "just watching." F101 Craddock
Keyboarding/Handwriting Club Students can practice their handwriting and keyboarding to improve accuracy and speed in printed communication. Students can also learn and practice artistic fonts for fun. A206 Hayhurst
Media Club Students will be responsible for filming and taking pictures of all of the rest of the Explore clubs, getting interviews, etc. C208 Pettijohn
Movie Production Club Lights! Camera! Action! Learn what it takes to be a movie producer. B101 McMahan
Musical Theater Club Watch movie musicals - discuss things like what it takes behind the scenes, set design, overall theme and moral of the story, what it takes to play a certain character. F100 Afshari
NJHS This is for NJHS Members only. You will meet 5-7 times during the year. You will be notified when you need to sign up for this. B103 & GCS Pettijohn & Hopkins
No Tech Recess We got 4 Square, We got Frisbee, We got Jump Ropes, We got KickBall....It's Recess y'all!!!!! B207 Gordon, J.
Open Art for All Club Open Art studio for students who could not fit art class into their schedule. A113 Sears
Outdoor Adventures This is a club to extend the Outdoor Adventures class that is offered throughout the day. We would have activities such as NASP archery, Backyard Fishing, Survival Bracelets, Camping games (Cornhole, Kanjam, Spike Ball), Orienteering, etc. B109 Moss
Paper Planes, Helicopters, & Other Flying Objects Club Come make paper airplanes and maybe dabble with some origami C108 Guinn
Peer Coach Club Wildcats finding out ways they can help in the Special Education Classroom, the students and how it all works. A107 Manwarren
Pen Pal Club Share your past and future travel plans/experiences. Even if you've never gone anywhere but SOMEDAY want to travel SOMEWHERE OR you have the desire to correspond with someone in another city, state, country, this is the club for you! Want to talk to someone who's been to Djibouti? Maybe 'meet' someone who lives in Italy? A104 Bouldin
Photography Club Learn how to take pictures of landscape, architecture, and even selfies! C102 Underwood
Pokemon Go Club Gotta catch them all! Trade and battle on Pokemon Go App, walk around for battles and raids. A209 Seago
Puzzle Club Come work on different puzzles. Once the puzzles are complete we will hang them up in the classroom or around the school. A102 Newton
Reading Club Looking for a quiet place to read? Come and read without any distractions. C202 Martin, Ja.
Sketch Comedy Club Students will learn from comedy masters as they write and perform their own sketch comedy. D122 Lewis
Soccer Club Work on your soccer skills and meet new people B109 Moss & Rawlinson
Step Club Stepping is a form of percussive dance using clapping hands and stomping feet to create rhythms and sounds. Wildcat Den Marable
Student Council-not available at this time Student Council Representatives will meet 5-6 times during the school year. This sign up is only for Student Council Representatives. B205 Hill
Texas History Movie Club Watch historical movies about Texas. B106 Thomas
The Quiet Club Learn sign language and deaf culture C105 Vaughn
Tik Tok Club Come explore through Tik Tok videos (clean music only) A103 Houchin
WGMS Graphic Design Club Are you picky about choosing the right font? Have you ever designed your own business card? In this club, we'll explore graphic design, both digital and handmade. We'll create original works and pieces for ourselves and other clubs in the school. We'll explore typography, logos, color theory, ad copy, and images. We'll use Canva, Google, and hands-on materials to create our designs. B108 Gordon, M.
Wildcat Hoopers Scrimmage basketball games while implementing the 4 P's and showing how they are essential even in sports! Main Gym Sanchez
Wildcat Relaxation Club Stressed out? Come and gain basic skills on how to distress with yoga and meditation methods. B102 Hartsell