Principal Message

Welcome to the Walnut Grove Middle School website!  So many wonderful things are going on at our school, including great academics, clubs, leadership organizations, athletics, co-curricular activities, and extra-curricular activities. Simply put, our school is about two things: great academics and an exciting, positive environment.

The school motto at Walnut Grove is "You Belong Here."  This means that every student is of the utmost value to our school.  We want our kids and the families we serve to know that they are cared for greatly.

We expect our students to know and live by the "Four Ps" which state that Wildcats are:

Prompt: This means that you are on time to every class, every day!

Prepared: All materials needed for class should be with you upon your prompt arrival.

Productive: All work should be completed and on time.  Wildcats are hard workers!

Polite: Students are always respectful to adults and to each other, while expecting the same in return.  We expect every Wildcat to support other Wildcats and never do anything that disrespects or hurts another.

We at WGMS believe strongly that our classrooms should engage our kids and that we should create lessons that get them excited about what we teach. Equally, we believe that students should be empowered to pursue their interests and their future through communication, collaboration, critical thinking/problem solving, and creativity.

School spirit and pride play a very important role at WGMS.  We want every student to be proud to be a Walnut Grove Wildcat.  It is our desire for our students to love our school and to be a positive part of what goes on here.  We want our kids to show their school spirit by attending our sporting events and by cheering for their school at pep rallies.

Finally, we at Walnut Grove Middle School believe that the title "educator" is not an occupation, but a calling. We truly see great value in what we do as teachers, aides and administrators.  We feel that if a school, its students, and its parents agree to work together, then the sky is the limit for what can be accomplished!

Go Cats!

Carly Woolery
Principal, Walnut Grove Middle School